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Kluge OmniFold 3000

Kluge OmniFold 3000

Product Description

Performance. Speed. Ease of Use. Durability. Profit.

These are the things you need in a folder-gluer, and at Kluge, we offer several models — each in a variety of configurations — that are designed to improve the quality of your print product and maximize efficiency on your printing floor.

The OmniFold 3000: Kluge’s Newest Folder-Gluer System

The OmniFold 3000 Automatic Folding and Gluing System is Kluge’s newest folder-gluer machine, a fully modular converting system uniquely designed to meet the current needs, standards, and expectations of businesses like yours: commercial printer and packaging manufacturers who prize both efficiency and quality.

Just as importantly, the OmniFold 3000 is designed to meet future demands too. Endlessly configurable, you can easily adapt the OmniFold 3000 to meet your current and/or future needs — and each configuration is easy for your staff to set up.

Built to maximize converting capabilities while minimizing set-up time, the OmniFold 3000 establishes a new standard of excellence for folder-gluer machines. Learn more about the machine and its many configurations.

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