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Card Packer

Product Description

The AeTee Greeting Card Wrapping Line offers an environmentally friendly solution for wrapping and packing greetings cards, since it dispenses with the need to use any plastic wrapping, cello bags or pockets.

Our Greeting Card Packaging Line takes a single printed card and feeds it into the system, using a friction feeder.  It then aligns the card to a side register before the card goes through the rotary scoring unit.

The scored card is folded to break the score.  The card is left slightly open to allow for an envelope to be inserted using a friction feeder.  A label is then placed around the opening of the card to ensure the envelope stays inside the card.

The cards are collated into batches of 6 (although there is the option to choose a different quantity) and then banded with a paper band before delivering the pack of 6 onto a shingle conveyor, ready to be packed and shipped.

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